Midnight in PVRIS: Talking Expectations, Discrimination, and Success with Alternative’s New It-Band

It is only 11:15 AM in the “moving city” that is Vans Warped Tour, and in the Warped press area, one band is already the talk of the town. “PVRIS is the next big thing on this tour,” confides the photographer next to me. “Their crowd is getting bigger at each stop, and everyone is fighting to have time with them.” It only takes a few minutes to realize that this isn’t just gossip: when I go to sign up for interviews, I’m lucky to be squeezed in, as PVRIS’ press sheet is completely full—the only band of over 70 that day to be 100% booked.

PVRIS’ live show is something else—not only the experience of witnessing the 3-piece act, seeming so miniature on the towering main stage, blast through their powerful set; but observing the dynamics of their audience. Though they are scheduled smack in the middle of the day, their crowd is reminiscent of that of the final band at any festival: that magical, almost serene period when, instead of the usual 4 or 5 bands playing at any given time, there is only one left standing, and as the sun sets, all of the remaining concertgoers gather together around the main stage to watch the lone band give the closing performance. Similarly, it feels like the entire Warped world has shown up to see PVRIS, the crowd stretching all the way back to the farthest vendor tents. While fans near the stage riotously yell, leap, and crowd-surf, others near the outskirts simply stand and observe, still tapping their feet and mouthing the words along with Lynn Gvnn, the energetic frontwoman whose vocal style lies somewhere between breathily melodic and startlingly growly.

But PVRIS isn’t the final band, and it seems clear that their sun won’t be setting anytime soon. Formed in 2012, a mere 3 years ago, the alt rock-electronic trio has already released 2 EPs (one produced by Blake Harnage of Versa); become the first and only female-fronted band signed to Rise/Velocity Records; toured with such notable acts as Mayday Parade, Emarosa, and Pierce the Veil; and won the 2015 Kerrang! Award for Best International Newcomer. And as the cherry on top, their first full-length album, “White Noise”, quickly rocketed to #6 on the US Alternative charts.

I sat down with frontwoman Lynn Gvnn to discuss dealing with pressure, what it means to be a female in music, and PVRIS’ speedy rise to the top.

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