Shouting at the Moon: Life Lessons and Musical Expression with Mallory Knox

At first glimpse of Mikey Chapman, I immediately feel at ease. Upon introducing himself, he flashes a radiant smile that has a mysterious way of making you feel right at home. Midafternoon, and midway through his stint on the 2015 Warped Tour, there are undoubtedly much more exciting places for the Mallory Knox frontman to be than the Warped press area, granting an interview in the middle of a crowded hallway—balancing a loaded paper plate of food from catering, he admits that he “got up about 45 minutes ago”, and goes on to describe the hangover he’s currently experiencing from last night’s Warped after-party—“…but,” he insists cheerfully, “I’m happy to be here!”

Over the past few years, Mallory Knox has skyrocketed in the alt-rock universe. As the UK group won the hearts of crowds overseas on worldwide tours with established acts like Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens, they earned a Rockstar Energy endorsement and their 2014 release “Asymmetry” reached #16 on the UK alternative charts. Like many successful musicians before him, Chapman radiates passion, drive, and sincerity. He talks animatedly about his childhood obsession with music, transposing raw emotions into powerful songs, and the importance of staying true to yourself. Mallory Knox’s heartfelt and unadulterated ambition is best conveyed on “Heart & Desire”, a standout track on “Asymmetry”: “These bright lights, big dreams, they always meant the whole damn world to me,” croons Chapman, “…so give ‘em heart, give ‘em desire.”

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